Avenir CARDS

Scandinavian style

To some the cards may seem simple - but this is intended. I am inspired by clean Scandinavian style. Less is more.

But the cards don't have to be boring, even if they look simple. Like this birthday card made as an eye test.

I started making cards because I had trouble finding cards that I liked. In most shops it is easy to find colourful prints or funny cards, but the minimalist elegant cards are few. So I decided that I would design some myself.

I had them professionally printed – and unpacking that very first batch of cards was nerve-wracking an exciting at the same time. Now you can see them in my shop.

The designer

That would be me, Tina Lindholm Kanerva.

I always carry a sketchbook. Because I never know when something will make me think of a new card. And when I do I need to scribble it down right away.

Beside the cards I make jewelry, and try to squeeze in my husband and my son - and a dayjob.

I am from Sockholm, Sweden. Which might explain my love for Scandiavian design.


Interested in my cards and have a special request? Send an e-mail to: tina@avenircards.com

Where do I shop?

I just started in 2013 and don't have my own webshop - yet.

  • Find birthday cards, christmas cards, valentine cards, anniversary cards, thank you cards, geometric designs and wall art home decor in my Etsy shop.

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